Below an overview of all asset classes that an investor might consider to include in a diversified portfolio. The asset classes are: Stock market, bond market and alternative investments. This page serves as a quick overview of the current market situation, to have more detailled information, go into the corresponding sub page.

Stock market / Equity market

Stock market - some of the most important indices, current index level & change in % (at least 15min delayed)
Stock market - Indices, yesterday, end of day, last closings (long term view, 1 year)

Stocks offer an interesting opportunity for an investor to participate in operative companies. An investor can profit by receiving dividends or by an increasing share price. On the downturn an investor could suffer by realising losses if shares are sold at lower price levels. In the worst-case scenario a company could go bankrupt and the share price could fall to 0. It is therefore highly advised to diversify one's stock portfolio. To check if there were recently any new interesting stock issuances (IPOs), please check here: and find announced IPOs here:

Bond market - Fixed Income

Current EUR interest rates (3 month LIBOR)
10 years USD treasury rates rates
Central Bank Rates

Regarding the US Central Bank's Federal Funds Target Rate, see also FED Watch Tool by the CME for the probability of future interest rate changes.

Alternative Investments

Real Estate

Please find the complete report here:

Please be aware that there are usually no real assets, no country and no central bank supporting a cryptocurrency so consider it with extreme caution.
Hedge Funds & Private Equity

Economic Calendar